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Loyalty Cards

Allegheny Printed Plastics can provide both PVC and TeslinŽ card products for loyalty marketing programs such as popular frequent shopper cards and preferred customer discount cards. Keep your customers coming back to you by giving them a durable, eye catching loyalty card. We offer:

  • TeslinŽ and PVC Card/two key tags combinations
  • High quality lithographic printing: 4 color process, PMS spot color matching
  • Metallic and pearlescent inks
  • J. Hook cards
  • Single key tags
  • Card key tag combo
  • Standard loyalty cards
  • Bar-coding with over laminate protection
  • Data matching and affixing
  • Custom packaging
  • Thermal and inkjet imaging
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Fast turn delivery
  • Request sample cards

Please contact an Allegheny sales representative to learn more about how we can help you develop your loyalty card program.

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